A Year of Wins, Learnings, and Academic Growth

As we continue to flourish within the 2024 year, we would like to share a reflection of the experiences that 2023 brought to our community:

  • Our musical production of the Little Mermaid Jr was a hit!
  • Class of 2023 received over $170,000 dollars in financial and 83.900 dollars in scholarship money for high schools!
  • Two 8th graders (Class of 2023) received the Howley Scholarship to two great high schools!
  • St. Rose was one of the IMS schools to host our annual High School Fair!
  • Our 4th grade scholars were featured in our local news stations!
  • Our St. Rose Choir met Archbishop Perez and sang at the St. Martin de Porres celebration hosted by the Philadelphia Office of Black Catholics!
  • Our current 8th grade class has begun their acceptance journey to their FIRST choice high schools with a plethora of scholarships (stay tuned for an upcoming post about them)!

SROL Photo Wrapped reflects our St. Rose of Lima community achievements. With much needed reflection on the achievements of 2023, SROL is ready to embrace new challenges and continue learning in the year of 2024!